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Table of Contents: year 2023

Year 2023 1

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Influence of preliminary preparation of a steel electrode on the corrosion resistance of a zinc coating
I.S. Pankratov, N.D. Solovyova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2022_30_4_4
Keywords: electrodeposition, galvanizing, steel pretreatment, pre-phase precipitation, electrolyte, potentiostatic mode of deposition, corrosion resistance

Electrodeposition of zinc-nickel alloys from ammonium oxalate electrolytes
R.F. Shekhanov, S.N. Gridchin

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_1_13
Keywords: Zn-Ni alloy, polarization experiments, protective coatings, electroplating, corrosion resistance

Review and analysis of developments and research on the tribological characteristics of NiP coatings as an alternative to chrome coatings
E.G. Vinokurov, T.F. Burukhina, V.D. Skopintsev, V.V. Vasilev, R.V. Grafushin

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_1_19
Keywords: electroless deposition, NiP coating, hard chromium, microhardness, tribological properties, wear resistance, engineering coatings

Features of the formation of mao coatings with camo shades on aluminum alloys
S.S. Arbuzova, A.V. Bolshanin, P.I. Butyagin

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_1_49
Keywords: microarc oxidation, MAO coating, electrolyte, camouflage color, aluminum alloys

Year 2023 2

Electroplating of metals and alloys
On the question of methods for analyzing the composition of electrolytes for electroplating iron-based coatings
G.S. Zadorozhnyi, E.V. Bomeshko, A.S. Ianyta

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_2_4
Keywords: electrolyte, galvanic deposition, ferruginization, electrolyte composition, electrolyte analysis, analysis methods, titration, chromatography, spectroscopy

On the issue of interoperative washing of metal parts from contamination
N.A. Lobanenkova, L.H. Badretdinova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_2_15
Keywords: interoperative flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, aqueous solutions of concentrates, temperature regime, mechanical treatment

Investigation of electroflotation extraction of heavy metals from model solutions with lead dioxide anode material
Ch.M. Nyein, M.V. Abakumov, U.S. Rykalina, V.A. Brodsky, A.V. Kolesnikov

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_2_21
Keywords: electroflotation, heavy metals, lead dioxide, ORTA, extraction degree

On the use of fluoroborate lead electrolyte in the manufacture of anode equipment for the process of solid chrome plating of gun barrel channels
I.V. Odinikova, I.Yu. Isaeva

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_2_30
Keywords: lead coating, fluoborate bath, throwing power, porosity of coating, formation of dendrites

Investigation of microemulsion polishing of aluminumin a microfluidic chemical reactor
P.E. Tyulagin, A.A. Steshenko, A.S. Polyakova, N.M. Murashova

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_2_44
Keywords: chemical polishing, medium roughness, microemulsion, aluminum, optical profilometry

Year 2023 3-4

Electroplating of metals and alloys
Electrodeposition and properties of copper-nickel alloy electroplating from acid acetate electrolytes in stationary electrolysis mode
Kireev S.Yu., Anopin K.D., Kireeva S.N., Naumov L.V., Metalnikova O.K., Sinenkova S.R.

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_3-4_4
Keywords: electrodeposition, electroplating, copper-nickel alloy, coating properties, wear resistance, microhardness, corrosion resistance

Determination of sulphate content in chromium plating electrolyte by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry
Trukhanovich .Yu.

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_3-4_11
Keywords: electrolyte, chromium plating, sulphate-ion, determination of sulphate-ions, chromium-plating electrolyte analysis, method for determination of sulphates in chromium plating, analysis of sulphates by optical emission spectral method

Environment and Resources Saving
Environmental Aspects of Zinc Passivating in Solutions Based on Trivalent Chromium Salts
Kruglikov S.S., Sviridenkova N.V., Semenova I.N., Muravev K.A., Kruglikova E.S.

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_3-4_25
Keywords: trivalent chrome passivation, immersed electrochemical module, regeneration

Electrochemical Regeneration and Utilization of Stripping Solutions
Tsyganova T.V., Asadchikov V.E., Korotkov V.V., Kruglikova E.S.

DOI: 10.47188/0869-5326_2023_31_3-4_29
Keywords: electromembrane processes, stripping solution, cation-exchange membrane


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