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    3-4  2023

Contents in Russian:

Year 2023, issue 3-4
Professor S.S. Kruglikov
Professor V.N. Kudryavtsev
D.I. Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia
Miusskaya sq. 9, Moscow 125047, Russia

Tel.: +7 (499) 978-5990
Fax: +7 (495) 609-2964

Galvanotekhnika i obrabotka poverkhnosti (Electroplating & Surface Treatment) is a Russian scientific and technical journal founded in 1992 by prof. Kudryavtsev V.N.

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Publisher: Galvanotech LLC

Editor-in-Chief: Kruglikov S.S., professor, Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow

Deputy Editor-in-Chief: Vinokurov E.G., professor, Mendeleyev University of Chemical Technology of Russia, Moscow

Editorial board

Basu A., Prof., Rourkela, India

Danilov F.I., Dr.sci., Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine

Davydov A.D., Dr.sci., Moscow, Russia

Goldin M.M., Dr.sci., USA

Grigoryan N.S., Cand.sci., Moscow, Russia

Kolesnikov V.A., Dr.sci., Moscow, Russia

Kuznetsov V.A., Dr.sci., Moscow, Russia

Mamaev V.I., Cand.sci., Kirov, Russia

Parfenuk V.I., Dr.sci., Ivanovo, Russia

Schischkina S.V., Cand.sci., Kirov, Russia

Skopintsev V.D., Cand.sci., Moscow, Russia

Smirnov K.N., Cand.sci., Moscow, Russia

Tseluikin V.N., Dr.sci., Saratov, Russia

Vagramyan T.., Moscow, Russia

Zharskii I.M., Cand.sci., Minsk, Belarus

Topics are represented in the Journal:

  • Surface Treatmnent
  • Electrodeposition of metals and alloys
  • Composite Coatings
  • Electroforming
  • Electroless Plating
  • Anodic Processes
  • Conversion Coatings
  • PWB's
  • Control Methods and Instrumentation
  • Environmental Problems
  • Alternative Processes and Coatings
  • Plating Equipment and Instrumentation
  • Plating Shop Experience
  • Personals
  • Information Reports
    • Books review, abstracts of papers published in foreign journals
    • Calendar of Conferences, symposia, conventions and exhibitions organized in Russia and abroad
  • Advertising materials published by leading Russian and foreign companies


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Language - Russian.

Extended abstracts, Tables, Captions - all in English.

References - in Roman script, starting 1, 2014.

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Ethics in publishing


Ethics of scientific and promotional publications for our Journal is presented here:

In questions of authorship, plagiarism, fraudlent data publication and other ethical problems, we provide a policy compatible with international standarts (developed by Committee on Publication Ethics). For more information, see:



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